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How Elvis donated Matthew Wright charity by a tenner

Mathew Wright celebrate his life aniversary in the studio after broadcasting. On the picture talking with Annie - poetry maker - who is member of Audience TWS.The Wright Stuff on the Channel 5. Photo taken by my phone. Photo by: Janelina It is not important if you are not a millionaire to help to someone. Are you a celebrity or no name person? Does not matter. There is just a place only for your good heart. Broadcasting has already finished and almost everybody left the studio. I was little bit delayed cos I picked up my sheet with the topics of today´s show from a floor. We get the sheet every day from nice and cheerful member of crew who takes a care about the audience of this show. I like be a member of the audience of this show – The Wright Stuff. For me it is not just a fun, it is more. Keep in touch with my profession before my English will be good enough for continuing in my work, listening (and sometimes when I become brave with my poor English - speaking as well to)

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