How Elvis donated Matthew Wright charity by a tenner

Mathew Wright celebrate his life aniversary in the studio after broadcasting. On the picture talking with Annie - poetry maker - who is member of Audience TWS.The Wright Stuff on the Channel 5. Photo taken by my phone. Photo by: Janelina
It is not important if you are not a millionaire to help to someone. Are you a celebrity or no name person? Does not matter. There is just a place only for your good heart.
Broadcasting has already finished and almost everybody left the studio. I was little bit delayed cos I picked up my sheet with the topics of today´s show from a floor. We get the sheet every day from nice and cheerful member of crew who takes a care about the audience of this show.

I like be a member of the audience of this show – The Wright Stuff. For me it is not just a fun, it is more. Keep in touch with my profession before my English will be good enough for continuing in my work, listening (and sometimes when I become brave with my poor English - speaking as well to) my colleagues – the others members of the audience.
It is one of my favourite´s places here – in London - for taking practice in English and discovering small and big issue in everyday life in Great Britain. And – obviously!!! watching the host of this show – excellent former tablet (The Sun) journalist Matthew Wright during his performance - making brilliant interviews and asking everybody of everything bluntly and making jokes.
He is like a small mischievous imp (I hope I used good expressions and translations of my original language and doesn´t mean it something different as usually happen me in this language :-) ) who is not suffering of prejudice or fever of anybody. - Which makes of him really great host and journalist and make impression the audience (obviously not just in the studio but his TV viewers as well).
I like everything here – starting up the old woman in audience who has the red hair and one or two big plastic bags taking everywhere with her and often sleeping before the show (and during it sometimes as well) continue camera operators whose sometimes make quiet match in solving crosswords during short breaks in broadcasting.
There are many different types of people in the audience and one day become as well... no one else than Elvis! Oh no Elvis Presley personally, of course, but his double – the man who lives in Wales and is living ´Elvis style´. Which means he wears ´Elvis´ costume and is living the life of ´Elvis times´. This time he looked amazing in his white ´Elvis Presley´ suit. I saw the ´Elvis´ (I call him ´Elvis´ - cos I could not remember his name – for me he is just ´Elvis´ - I am afraid forever...) three time till now. His first visit in the studio (as a member of audience) I was appreciated he was sitting for while next to me and we have had occasion to having a short chat (limited only my ´limited English´ - as usually). So we did it and he showed me his tattoo on his shoulder and hand – there was Elvis head! Amazing – indeed! Then I met him the second time but we are not sitting next each other.
How Elvis did it!
But the third time he was sitting again next to me and he remember of me: “Oh we was sitting next to each other some time before...” I nodded: “Indeed.” And we were having a small talk I think about weather and how he is doing as Elvis, etc. When the broadcasting finished and the audience and most people from the crew left the studio or was finishing some technician stuff, Matthew was standing at his table and collecting some his sheets or something like that and slowly prepared himself to leave the studio as well. Elvis stood up and heading to the exit of the studio, I followed him automatically. Bud suddenly he a little bit change his direction and headed to the presenters table – to Matthew.
I was keeping my direction out of studio. But I slowed down and curiously looked at him. Elvis walked up to Matthew and passed to him the tenner: “Em, Matthew, this is for your charity.” I could not stop it my smile what become quickly to my face. It was very cute. I did not notice which charity he has on his mind (Matthew Wright is trusties or donor of many charities). Matthew showed his surprised expression just for a short moment and immediately started to smile to ´Elvis´ and say: “Thank you” . This was everything what I did catch it before I turned myself very quickly and left the studio immediately. It was very nice moment what I wanted remember and also Elvis looked – he did not want have any audience for his act. I was really amused and emotion. This is not possible to see every day how Elvis (who is not actually ´THAT Elvis´) donate some charity – and specially by so small amount. The amount what is small for true ´Elvis´ but big for ´his double´ - not rich man from north Wales... This was one of ´small - big´ moments of the life what I could remember forever. I am absolutely sure – this tenner can help somebody as well as the thousands or millions of some other donors. Cos... Do you know... Elvis... forever... :-)


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