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Why is the ´red´ button the most important thing in the studio BBC

Not important where you already are, each space and each situation have something special. For Radio (broadcasting or studio) is important one thing – and that is ´the red button´.  Thanks my nice colleague – journalist – I reached great opportunity to spend some time in BBC. It was amazing be again in the newsroom and in the studio. Of course I spent lots of time in Radio studio before. But it was not in BBC and it took a place in my country – in Prague. So I was looking for what is the same and what is different. And I discovered that some things are the same in every places in every times. And that´s it for example the ´red button´!!! What is it? The most important thing for Radio Broadcasting! You cannot belive?! Just follow me… Yes, it is – The ´Red Button´! :-) So now back to the ´Red Button´! Maybe you can suppose ´the red button´ is something like the ´button for starting trident´, or if you push it you get it yourself on air or to love… or to death… Oh no… Nothing

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