´I am looking for a basement for a night club,´ claimed man with sleeping baby in his hands

We were sitting around the table to learning English - as usually in our English Classes. It was evening around 8 pm and I could feel myself a little bit tired.
There were not very much people cos lot of them left London and went to their original countries for a Christmas.
Our classes are running in a place of previously shop so you can come in to the class room strike from a street. I like this ´open concept´ despite of being sometimes quite annoying - it does usually happen the people walking through the street are curious and just come into to disturbing our classes and asking what is i there actually... - what we are doing here.... And I can see in their faces they are thinking about joining to us - maybe just for the feeling be in an extraordinary space with overseas people (for some of them does ´overseas´ mean La Manche as well) and feeling themselves very special - be in one shop placed in another normal shops but in this is ´selling a language for free´ actually... :-)
I doubt it was the case of yesterday night - but it was interesting as well.
Cos suddenly the door was opened and into the room came in smaller man with sleeping very young baby (my estimate is just a few weeks - max three months old) in his hand and asked us: ´Is the basement for a rent here in this house?´ We all looked at him surprised as a calf at a new painted door.
´What are you looking for?´ replied our teacher to him. ´Some small space - basement for a rent - for a night club - just small for a 40 - 45 people,´ explained man. ´With alcohol?´ asked our teacher and man nodded impatiently and exclaimed: ´Of course!´
But this house has any basement - as actually most of London´s houses (for me something strange - cos in my country has a basement almost every single house). Also man with a baby had left us without success and with his baby headed into the darkness and strong windy weather. Just very small story from yesterday but I have to share it - cos something strange was there. And I like these small every days stories - It left a many hours ago but I am still thinking of this strange scene - a man with a little baby is looking for a basement for a night bar - cos he want start his business. - But not ´staff marry to baby stuff´ - but maybe cos he need earn money for this baby stuff and his child? Or maybe I am absolutelly wrong and he stolen the baby to someone - there is lot of variants of explanation... but who know the truth ...
I believe the first variante of that is right :-) So happy Christmas and I wish to someone who has some ´business or new project idea´ lot of energy and luck for fulfil your dream! Good luck! We all are able to find our ´own basement´...