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Big ´Birds drama ´. Why Hitchckock did not make the Birds in France? ME IN PARIS 1 part

I couldnot believe Alfred Hitchckock didnot write the drama ´Birds´ in Paris! It was very cold and freezing. Since I got out of the train from London at Paris Gare du Nord I couldnot get me warm. It was quite early for check-in in the hotel so I decided go somewhere. But it was my first time in Paris and I had no very much time to make some plan for Paris. Actualy - I had amazing plan for Paris a few month ago but how it is sometimes with planes - it changes. And I was just here without plan. I wanted to see Mona Lisa actually. So I have gone to the tube - metro. After lovely moments when I realized I was not in rose tube line but in purple line - so this is probably reason I was going absolutely ´nowhere´, I fixed myself and changed the tube for the right line. Finally I discovered I am at the good stop where is Louvre. This station is amazing cos you can go out directly to the Louver. So I was suddenly in Louver. It was amazing but then one moment before come in ´true Louver museum´

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