Big ´Birds drama ´. Why Hitchckock did not make the Birds in France? ME IN PARIS 1 part

I couldnot believe Alfred Hitchckock didnot write the drama ´Birds´ in Paris!
It was very cold and freezing. Since I got out of the train from London at Paris Gare du Nord I couldnot get me warm. It was quite early for check-in in the hotel so I decided go somewhere. But it was my first time in Paris and I had no very much time to make some plan for Paris.
Actualy - I had amazing plan for Paris a few month ago but how it is sometimes with planes - it changes. And I was just here without plan.
I wanted to see Mona Lisa actually. So I have gone to the tube - metro. After lovely moments when I realized I was not in rose tube line but in purple line - so this is probably reason I was going absolutely ´nowhere´, I fixed myself and changed the tube for the right line. Finally I discovered I am at the good stop where is Louvre.
This station is amazing cos you can go out directly to the Louver.
So I was suddenly in Louver. It was amazing but then one moment before come in ´true Louver museum´ from passage - I did realised I want to go into the another ´cell´. I was pretty tired and not very happy in Paris and since the moment when our train left British space I started to wish come back to the ´old good Britain´.  First hours spent in the train almost in the dark, then I conntinued in the tube and then Louvre... I didnot realised that. SO after attending toilet (where I gave the woman at the Ladies one pound instead one euro what she rejected - her mistake - soc one pound is more then one euro:-) ) I was fed up the darkness and I sett off out from Louvre. And there was .... The light! And sun! Of course it was freezing as well - but the sun changed my mood. I dont know how is possible the sun could do it big change! And then I realized that sometimes when whe have not great mood it is just amazing leave the darkness (despite to be ´Louvre´) and be going to ahead to the lightness.
If you know Paris you know amazing Park in front of Louvre. And I desided I finish eating my toast what I purchaised at Kings Cross. So I took out of my handbad and started eat.

But lovely bird did flight to me. So I told myself - Oh, it is so cold and it is hungry! So I started to feed it with a small pieces of my toast. But this lovely pigeon was not alone here. In next second came ´its friends´ - I think crows (?). So I shared my toast with them as well...

But! In next seconds I discovered and meet probably all birds living around Louvre...:-) Yes - exactly ! They did flight to me as well.. Some of them sat at me and started eating direct from my toast holding in my hands - it was lovely. it was really nice and I enjoyed that until I recognized that this lovely birds are full of parazites.


So I capitulated - gave up that and I throught out on the grass my toast with the words: "Oh you cheeky monkeys - in every cases you cannot eat everything inside the toast!" Oh my Gosh! I am really silly and naive sometimes. Then become lovely dog what was near with its lady and finished the rest of my toast. 

O.k. I gave up. I left this place and continue to my journey ´hunting amazing pictures...´ I mean photography of course:-)

So there  I met one amazing bird who tried to eat something with plastic glass.

So I wanted make short photo-reportage about his ´early lunch´ - cos he make pause and gone to dring from small stream.

And then continue with lunch. I wanted make better pictures and this is amazing to go as near to the subject what you are photographing as is possible. But I couldnot... Cos... France is amazing but as the whole Europe actually has some not very great advantages for people... There is not allowed go into the grass as is possible in Great Britain. There was a short fence...

Hm... I could realized ´my bird story´ is perhabs not what you expected from me - and my journey to the Paris. But never mind. Tomorrow I will be continued with something more... But actually dont know what should be MORE then the... BIRDS!!!!:-)


  1. I'do like this STORY and it was nicely put together and the Photography was in Line with the explanations as the story progressed I'reaqlly Liked the Film'the BIRDS well done'

    1. Oh, thank you very much Boodles! I am happy you like it!:-)


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