Why I am in Paris if I don´t speak French? Were you born in West or East Berlin? Oh… Everything is possible with Mungo Lingo…. ME IN PARIS: part 3

Amazing Mexicans people here!  Thank you for advices! Photo by Anais Peria
„You don´t speak French?“ asked me surprised with amused expression in his face one guy at Mundo Lingo Paris. There was following a short discussion why I am in Paris if I don´t speak French. As usually I was at Mundo Lingo – but it was not every monday evening and it was not in London where I am almost always last more then half year one of ambassadors of Mundo Lingo. Actually it was Thursday and it was in Paris.
One thing what I do really like at this Language Exchange is meeting new people, speak with them, discovering new stories and obviously making up my English and refreshing my German. These were my goals for Mundo Lingo London.
When I planed my trip to Paris it was almost at the same time when Mundo Lingo Paris was launched by energic student Anais Peria. Immediately occured me it will be amazing visit this event during my visit in Paris. I was really curious if it will be almost same like in London.

Me with my traditional flags at ML.
 Photo by Alberto Romano
Now I can say: Yes, of course! Very similar athmosphere. People – some French people who wanted speak with foregein language and some foregeins who wanted meet a new people from their countries od také some practic from French or English, etc.
I arrived at Oberkampf tube / metro and then I did set off through very long street called Rue Oberkampf. Almost whole time I was walking this direction I was thinking over this strange name what sounds so…. German and little bit similar like one not very nice German book.
At La Maizon Bar I meet Paris organizer this meet up – Anais and I was greeted with sweeties and I started meet people and discuss with them. Sometimes I discovered I automatically ask the people ´How long have you been in London?´ until they aske dme again ´How I mean that – why in London?´ Of course I did mean Paris instead London. Almost same atmosphere at Mundo Lingo here in Paris – like in London – confused me and at some moments I was feeling like in London again.
As usually I met amazing people – and there were amazing Mexician student and she gave me lot of great and very helpful advices about Paris – transport, seesights, interesting places and amazing artist places, etc.! How she said me: „I attend very often this places and I am quide for my friends and tourist sometimes and always I can discover something new here! I like Paris very much!“ I like Mexican people for their life wire and friendly spirit. The mexician flag I remember everywhere since one discussion with one friend of mine from Mexico (Manu :-) ) who explained me in detail what does mean this flag and the story about it - the eagle eating sneak...
I got perfectly opportunity try out my German as well. Two guys was having discussion - it was a little bit funny for me... Cos One of them was not German (but he was fluent in German very well) and asked the Geman guy: "Were you born in West or East Berlin?" For me it was little bit funny - cos the German guy should be around 25 years old... Which means ... the Wall probably was in this time destroyed or was already destroying... But for the other guys was ´the wall´ something like an orientation point in Berlin and maybe in Europa history. This pieces of conversation I like it very much. We were in Rue Oberkampf and he asked him about the Berlin wall...:-). How great opportunity for me to start thinking about Europa consequences and interesting and absurd things...
Yes, exactlly – how mentioned the guy and then some people – I really dont speak French – I am already on the beginning with my French but this is amazing – lot of people at this evening were able to speak with me English and I could feel nice and friendly spirit from these people and Mundo Lingo made up my little bit sadly mood based on traveling alone… Cos actually… you are never and nowhere alone – everywhere are people… And amazing people! Just start to find them!
So when you will be in Paris on Thursday evening – don´t forget come along Mungo Lingo from 7 pm at Rue Oberkampt 123 : -) Here ML on the Facebook: 

PS: Don´t forget – Mundo Lingo is not just in Paris and London… but it take place in lot of countries. You can have a look: www.mundolingo.org .

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