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How we can work with a golden ratio and put emphasis on the main topic of the picture

The golden ratio is really excellent tool – sometimes we can change by using it the main topic of the picture as well. Let you show me two pictures – actually it is just one – edited.  If you take pictures where is everything important placed right in the middle of the picture and don’t try to keep a ´golden ratio rule´ then it is a big pity. Cos then you could lose concentration of your viewers – it is so easy and so straightforward and there is not space for thinking. And it is not space for playing with the main motive. There are two pictures – one of them is taking for main motive the village between the mountains and the second marks the mountains and the village is just a ´second motive´. You can see where the ´golden ratio´ Is placed and ´divide´ the picture?:-) The main motive of  this photography is ´a Village in the valley´ There - the same picture - but the highlight is put on the ´mountain´ and the village is the ´second motive´: 2x picture by Janelina The previous article

How you can get your photo on the excellent level? Old secret of Leonardo da Vinci and many other artists: GOLDEN RATIO

This picture (of myself :-) ) is created by the rule Golden ratio - you can compare with the picture of  ratio bellow.  Photo by Hoai Le Thi Indeed – this is an old secret of many artists used across times.  Yes: It looks maybe a little bit complicated. But don´t be worry – you can catch it and within get your photos on a higher level. That´s one very useful rule which is called GOLDEN CUT or GOLDEN RATIO. It is expressed by math – so maybe it is a reason why it looks so complicated – especially for us – who have never been great in Math  J There is official description of Golden ratio ( Uaaaa!!! This sounds creepy for me… - sorry for that – but if we are talking about Golden ratio we have to say that  J ): T wo quantities are in the   golden ratio  if their ratio  is the same as the ratio of their   sum   to the larger of the two quantities. The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically, for quantities   a  and   b  with   a > b > 0.

How to take a great pictures: DSLR camera or mobile phone?

Are you crazy about photography? Do you have just mobile and last time have been considering to acquire DSLR Camera (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) and get more professional pictures?  Why not – but! Just remember one thing: An equipment doesn´t make professional pictures – still is up to you! Just the attitude and talent make professional look from your pictures. That s all…. Yes, of course – if do you have  a professional camera – do you have more options and  you can use more technical ways what could help you making better your pictures… But  this is just….  Something like a cherry on the top of  cake… What do you really need is a great eye! Your own eye...  Look around you and notice interesting people, situation, things, landscape…. – be able  to notice small story around you and be able to capture them. Expression in the eyes of the people they are….. surprised, happy, sad, annoyed…  Or some absurd and interesting, extraordinary or just ordinary things…..  Make a good composition,

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