Great story about the Journey to the West - the plucky Sun Wu Kung is celebrating this Year of Monkey in Soho. Don´t miss it!

Me with a Monkey King  - Sun Wu Kung - the best monkey ever ;-)     Photo by: Bo Zhao

From my childhood I have really loved the old Chinese legend The journey to the West. It is based on true story from years 629645 about Monk - in the novel called Tripitaka - who was wandered for a sacred scrolls of Sutras from the Tang empire to IndiaThere were the Monkey King - who was gifted by magic power but was very independent and cheeky 

People really like to making pictures with a Monkey King:-)                       Photo by Janelina

His behaviour was punished by Buddha and he was put inside the mountain of five elements. 

From it was setting free by Tripitaka and then he became his company and helped him (with two another ´magic creatures´) on the journey. 

2 x Photos by Janelina

Whole story you can see on the excellent pictures on the panels placed in the Soho. Don´t miss them - it is great! I could recommend the book or TV series about this story - really very nice, wise and funny! You will love it!