How to take a great pictures: DSLR camera or mobile phone?

Are you crazy about photography? Do you have just mobile and last time have been considering to acquire DSLR Camera (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) and get more professional pictures?  Why not – but! Just remember one thing: An equipment doesn´t make professional pictures – still is up to you! Just the attitude and talent make professional look from your pictures. That s all….
Yes, of course – if do you have  a professional camera – do you have more options and  you can use more technical ways what could help you making better your pictures… But  this is just….  Something like a cherry on the top of  cake…
What do you really need is a great eye! Your own eye... Look around you and notice interesting people, situation, things, landscape…. – be able  to notice small story around you and be able to capture them. Expression in the eyes of the people they are….. surprised, happy, sad, annoyed…  Or some absurd and interesting, extraordinary or just ordinary things…..  Make a good composition, a point of view, etc. This is the most important one! Making a great and strong – powerful atmosphere inside your picture…. 
The picture what is telling a story… This questions are very important - more important then ´taking pictures by mobile or DSLR Camera´. The answer is here: ´If you are great and gifted photographer you could take a wonderful pictures by mobile as well. In the moment you can feel your pictures are great and you are really passionate photographer then the moment for DSLR Camera is here... But if you would like start taking pictures by DSLR Camera before you take some practice and be passionate photographer by mobile (or normal - digital compact camera)
it is here some risk you will be just enjoying treating with amazing equipment and having that like a great accessories but your pictures wouldn´t be great. (For example like my brother in law - he has got amazing DSLR Camera but almost every pictures are not very great - without composition, without ideas... But he has an amazing equipment what he can wear like accessories.:-) )
But I think - with some  small tricks can be everybody amazing photographer! I hope my articles would be a little help for you:-).