How we can work with a golden ratio and put emphasis on the main topic of the picture

The golden ratio is really excellent tool – sometimes we can change by using it the main topic of the picture as well. Let you show me two pictures – actually it is just one – edited.
 If you take pictures where is everything important placed right in the middle of the picture and don’t try to keep a ´golden ratio rule´ then it is a big pity. Cos then you could lose concentration of your viewers – it is so easy and so straightforward and there is not space for thinking. And it is not space for playing with the main motive.
There are two pictures – one of them is taking for main motive the village between the mountains and the second marks the mountains and the village is just a ´second motive´.
You can see where the ´golden ratio´ Is placed and ´divide´ the picture?:-)

The main motive of  this photography is ´a Village in the valley´

There - the same picture - but the highlight is put on the ´mountain´ and the village is the ´second motive´:

2x picture by Janelina

The previous article about that :


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