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I really do like STAND UP Comedy but I am able to do just SIT DOWN comedy

I am indeed big lover of Stand Up Comedy but I am still not able to do that so I am trying to do SIT DOWN Comedy. What do you think about - it is the same or not ?:-D

Can you feel free to create your own story? Just join to our London Creative StoryTelling MeetUp

I am sure everybody is gifted - each of us has a talent for something. And specially for storytelling. Don´t mind if the storytelling way is about telling, writing, taking pictures, making film, drawing, creating apps, etc. - Everybody is welcome to our meetup:-). What is our Creative StoryTelling Meet up in London about. This is Free Networking for creative people - (professionals, non - professionals) and workshops and courses - for everyone who want to start be creative, change the life and express her/himself :-) Our FB and MeetUp sites:

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