Do you need get your speaking English on the next level? ... or another language? Let me welcome you in Mundo Lingo London

Me (left) and South Korea Girl (right)
Photo by Alberto Romano
I really like Language Exchange meetups in London - my favourite of them is Mundo Lingo and maybe this is the reason why I help the organiser with a reception and sticking the flags to the people:-).
It was last Monday, evening, at the Mundo Lingo in Camden. AS usually I helped Jim, organizer ML London, with reception which means greetings the people from all over the world who are living or visiting London being happy to take a practise in English speaking and meet a new people - and British people living in London who would like to speak in foreign languages as well. 
For quick orientation who is who – we provide them flags and the people place them on their chest, native flag goes at the top, on the bottom others flag – in my case come first the Czech flag, then English and on the end German. I would like to write more but last time I am little bit short in time so I prefer making short videos. So you can watch this one and right now I am heading to the Mundo Lingo in Camden and I hope I will make another video and I will write you more as well! Have a great time and if you don´t know what you are doing this evening or on Tuesday or on Wednesday then you can come in and take some language practice :-).


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