Even if is death dark one, your flash could manage the picture very well, but worst is with a screen of camera and your eyes

Mundo Lingo - Camden _ April 2016

Photographers Point of view: Last Monday in Camden at Mundo Lingo I took some pictures (o.k. - many of them :-))) ) - you can find out more of them on my Flicker - above (just click on the picture) or on ML Facebook.  It was nice as usually - really many people were coming - which was an excellent one but for me like a photographer it was not easy - bar was so full I had to manage myself very carefully cos I was always squeeze between some people and only hardly could make one step behind or into side for reached better point of view to taking a great picture.
And second thing was - there was not lighting in half of venue in the part of bar where usually held a place Mundo Lingo - so it was really pretty tricky to take the pictures here. Fortunately I have got great and very flexible flash so it was an excellent one but be honest - in my screen on the camera sometimes was so dark I could just guess what I am taking pictures in the moment :-D. So it was really funny - great exercises for my eyes.
Finally I discovered I have had an great eyes - like a cat :-D - and I took lot of great pictures I think. So - just small tip for you who take a pictures under a little bit tricky conditions - don´t give up - always you can manage great pictures! :-D. Cos always it depend on the people they are before the camera - and in Camden on Mundo Lingo were great people as usually! :-) I am looking forward to you all today as usually at the same place and the same time ! :-)

PS: Language Exchange Mundo Lingo, Grand Union pub, Camden from 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm: www.mundolingo.org


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