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Photo by Alberto Romano
Welcome to our regularly FREE NETWORKING meetup for CREATIVE PEOPLE and PEOPLE WORKING IN CREATIVE professions or industry! Our mission is getting the people together for supporting their creative ideas or looking for contributors (creative persons, executive persons, sales persons, etc.). It is about professional and aspirating professionals (including people there are working on their project in their free time). We usually meet every Wednesday since 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm (or longer) in ones of London´s pubs. Our upcoming events are also placed HERE.
There is our Networking Form - please let free to fill in that. I try to do some list of our group where we can see who is who and then contact them. I hope with that can be starting collaborate with each other more easier. If you don´t feel free to put your name/email or your website on this public website - list, please just fill in the form and tick the option ´I prefer keep me secret´ and I will only inform you occasionally if someone will be hoping about getting into contact with someone for collaboration, etc. For fill in the form, please click READ MORE...

Please don´t forget to download this pictures - sticker, print it out (it is possible only Black and White Colour) and come to our meetup straightforward with that:

Join to us Facebook Group: 

Thank you and I am looking forward to see you!



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