Tomorrow: Free Networking meetup for Creative People + one drink for free

Please download this sticker,
print it and stick on your chest
when you come in to our meetup :-)
Many Thanks! Janelina
Welcome to our FREE NETWORKING meetup for CREATIVE PEOPLE and PEOPLE WORKING IN CREATIVE professions or industry. Our mission is getting the people together for supporting their creative ideas or looking for contributors (creative persons, executive persons, sales persons, etc.). It is about professional and aspirating professionals (including people there are working on their project in their free time).

The next one will be tomorrow June 1, 2016 this Wednesday from 7.00 pm in the bar Lucky Voice (173-174 Upper Street, London, N1 1RG)

According our previously experience and your needs we are going to keep our regularly Wednesday´s meetups in this order and agenda:

Please let you notice these meetups are No Agenda and No reception. Obviously I or one of our ambassadors usually will be there for first hour and later but there is no receptions and agenda. It is really about getting people together on one place in one time to speak together and making professional or personal networking or getting an inspiration.

For your pleasure you can get one drink for free – for that please download app DRINKI into your mobile.

Please – download and print this sticker – just write down your profession (or what you are aspirating for) and your name (if you don´t feel comfortably with having a sticker with your name, let write down only your profession or hobby what is somehow connected to this meetup).

This meetup starts at 7 pm but if you will come after that there is no problem – just find our thanks our meetups stickers and to join to us! If you will be first one here (or before 7 pm) – just take your free drink on the bar (by DRINKI app) and don´t be worried people are going to coming nearly!

There is our order of Wednesday meetups – every Wednesday is focused to specific issue:

FREE NETWORKING FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE (focused in writers, screenwriters, journalist, copywriters, presenters, actors, etc. ) – every 1th Wednesday in month
- the people they are telling their story by their own way

FREE NETWORKING FOR MARKETING, SALES, AGENTS, AND PR professionals in Creative industry (or aspirating work there) – every 2th Wednesday in month
- the people they are working in creative industry or media on the places as Marketing, Sales and PR or they would like to work there (in this industry)

- the people they are telling their story by their own way (in the front of an audience on the stage)

FREE NETWORKING FOR FILMAKERS (Professionals or aspirating ones) – every 4thWednesday in month
- the people they are telling their story by their own way (making film)

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