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Photo and Video Storytelling Workshop at the National Maritime Museum next Sunday

Event Description Photo by National Maritime Museum An amazing experience for you at the place where the history and modern technique meet together and make an exciting adventures for you - actually created by YOURSELF!  When: Next Sunday, May 19, 2016; Start: 4.00 pm (until 5.30 pm) WHAT WE EXACTLY WILL DO AND HOW WILL WORK IT (out) : The order of workshop: • The Basic rules of StoryTelling by picture and Video /about 15 minutes/ - you will reach the study materials and instructions  • We will create small teams - actually crews :-)  /one crew ´= 3 people/ 5 min • Each crew choose the section - or floor - of the museum where it would like to be searching its story / about 5 minutes/  • Each crew will choose the way you will be telling this story /about 5 minutes/: 1.  Storytelling by Picture / Photo/ and then making headlines and short story about that (max. five sentences!) 2. Storytelling by Video  / you will make a video - max. 50 seconds - without editing - just one take, one shoo

HOLIDAY FOR OUR FREE NETWORKING Wednesday´s MEETUP. The next one will take a place on June of 29 and it is for FILMAKERS

One of my latest projects. Photo taken by Martin Svojtka  Our amazing Storytelling meetup is going to short holiday now. As I announced a couple of days ago there will be a three Wednesdays free of our regularly meetup. But don´t mind it is only temporary our next meetup will take a place at the same time and same place in Islington and the topic of that will be ´Filmakers´ and everything around that but you can feel free to attend that even you are not filmaker, but just looking forward some connection of creative people on this field of interest: WEDNESDAY 29 of June 2016 in Lucky Voice Islington 173-174 Upper Street, London, N1 1RG, London FREE NETWORKING FOR FILMAKERS (Professionals or aspirating ones) – every 4 th Wednesday in month the people they are telling their story by their own way (making film) You can do it RSVP on this page: or here:  Eventbrite: Please let you

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