It isn´t sh*t as the Shard and how I did sh*t in the Stand up Comedy

The Shard in London Bridge Borough
The Sh*t exposition in Tate Modern

I could realize this is maybe not a promising idea to speak about. I mean that - what you can see on the images above and bellow the text. But it is nothing else than great artwork - an great piece of the modern art. When I have been leading our Photo & Video workshops in Tate Modern (one of greatest galleries in London) I cannot miss one exposition. There is one of them which cases embarrassment of the people. This is a ´sh*t exposition´ . How you can see it is really interesting :-). Usually people don´t think that they can take some advantages of that (obviously who is able to take some advantages of sh*ts...). 
Be honest I was not very excited as well when I could see that for a first time there. It is quite strange but this ´sh... exposition´ remember me my beginnings in London and my first steps in learning proper English pronunciation. 

People are really embarrassed when could see that....
I was maybe driving to be crazy cos I was not very well in English but I have really liked a stand up comedy. So I was really excited when I founded out on the Free London Talks and Events Meetup websites that there is a free taster of StandUp Comedy by great Comedian and actor Bentley Browning. I attend that and I was really excited. Obviously I couldn´t understand everything what was said but there was a great energy and I discovered there is lot of foreigners as me (but with better English than me). So finally I decided to joint to this course. Honestly when I am looking back today I think I was really pretty crazy. The Stand Up Comedy as all of jokes and comedy gigs is based on the perfect understanding of language and still I am not perfect in that but in that time I wasn´t really the ´queen of word´ :-D. So what happened to me. We did one funny exercises and count out some funny and strange activities what we do sometimes (or regularly). So I wanted be funny and make a great joke and when it was my turn I just said: ´I do like having chat with animals.´ I had no idea what happened cos everybody was quiet suddenly and having quite shocked and full of embarrassing expression in their faces, including Bentley. Then after a half minute of total silence (you cannot believe how long should be only ´half minute´!) he asked me carefully: ´Excuse me... Did you said... sh*t?´
Obviously I didn´t understand to him very well so he had to repeat once again. Then I got it what he said but not the meaning of that. So I asked him how he think actually that. He answered: "I did understand did you say: I do like having sh*t with animals." Indeed my mates started to nod. Until now I couldnot believe that I really said that by this way cos I really thought my pronunciation was good enough. But it was not. 
A couple of months after this lovely accident I was on Mundo Lingo - Language Exchange where I help with reception. There came a founder of this project and he watched us and wanted to speak with me and just asked me something about me. So I started to talk about myself (why I am in London, etc.). There was as usually lot of people and quite noisy which sometimes cases that you cannot heard good enough what the other person you are talking to him/her speak to you. So this situation helped me become to feel like an idiot with a sh*t word for a second time. He asked me what I am doing in London and I gave to him an answer. And again - the same situation. He stayed for a few seconds only looked at me without saying a word and after that he asked me with ´I cannot believe that´ expression in his face: "Did you say ´I am doing sh*t in London´" . I was shocked! And wanted to repeat to him immediately what I really said but in that moment came lot of new people to us and I lost for next couple of months the chance to say again that I just only said.... "I do internSHIP in London!"
So how you can see the life is really strange and taft sometimes and if you are working on improving new language it is a long way t winning. 
So always when I am coming to Tate Modern and I could see the sh*t exposition I could remember this situation. But since my last workshop here the situation changed. After that I walked along the streets through a lovely London Bridge Village and thinking about my ´London sh*t issue´ - connected to lot of issues with learning proper English - and suddenly in one moment I could see the great Shard and in this moment I could notice - the shape of both of them - a pile of sh*t in Tate Modern and the Shard - is actually the same. So I captured that immediately and since this time I am calmed down cos now I know... sometimes that it seems to be something only a sh*t could change to an excellent promising lighthouse of your life. So don´t be sad if the sh*t is only around you ... somewhere the lighthouse is for you.

PS: If you would like to attend the next Storytelling Workshop - there is at the National Maritime Museum - next one:

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Close up of that...:-)


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