Photo and Video Storytelling Workshop at the National Maritime Museum next Sunday

Event Description

Photo by National Maritime Museum
An amazing experience for you at the place where the history and modern technique meet together and make an exciting adventures for you - actually created by YOURSELF! 
When: Next Sunday, May 19, 2016; Start: 4.00 pm (until 5.30 pm)
The order of workshop:

• The Basic rules of StoryTelling by picture and Video /about 15 minutes/ - you will reach the study materials and instructions 
• We will create small teams - actually crews :-)  /one crew ´= 3 people/ 5 min
• Each crew choose the section - or floor - of the museum where it would like to be searching its story / about 5 minutes/ 
• Each crew will choose the way you will be telling this story /about 5 minutes/:
1. Storytelling by Picture / Photo/ and then making headlines and short story about that (max. five sentences!)
2. Storytelling by Video / you will make a video - max. 50 seconds - without editing - just one take, one shoot/ and you capture this story inside  
• Each crew will set off ahead to ´tour through a history /one section of museum/´ and will be enjoying the museum exposition and start to create the story - pictures and/or videos  / 60 minutes 
• Wrapping up´ phase - we will meet up together and we will be going a presentation of your capturing story and sharing an experience 
On-line phase: each of you will be welcome to upload the video or picture with headline and short story on our FB group sites and we can continue with sharing experience and make a comment about that. 
Duration of workshop: 1,5 hour 
This workshop is charged by £ 5 per person ´at the door´  or only  £  3.90 in advance . This RSVP is just a reservation of your spot. 
If you would prefer to pay in advance and use your bargain, please fill in this application for and make a payment via PayPal or Debit/Credit card: In the case you cannot make it this workshop - don´t worry, you can use your payment for next workshop (There is workshop minimal two of them every month!)
This workshop is suitable for children as well - but they should be older then 12 years old and accompanied with their parent. The price is the same for children and adult as well. 
You will use your MOBILE for it! If you prefer use your digital camera or DSLR Camera - it is perfectly up to you - if you hesitate what is better to use - you can get some inspiration maybe here: 
Here some inspiration for your story (it was taken by mobile):
If do you have some question feel free to text me or write me: or my mobile: 07413 311503. 
We will meet outside of the main entrance of the Museum! I will have an pink scarf!
I am looking forward to you! 


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