Don´t hesitate and make a short video everyday - capture the story what is passing by right now !

Sometimes people spent lots of time with thinking over the ideas for the video. This is great but not in the moments if you need to start with that and you hesitate if your idea and draft is good or no. Actually the true is that the small everyday stories are in every moment happened around as. You just need grasp your camera, take a moment for make a ´action plan´ what and how you will be filming and you can start. 
This video I did tonight at St. Pancras International Station when I was coming back from my business meeting. I took short moment for quick ´draft´ of my upcoming video.
There was the question - what I would like to capture? This motive: The pianist is playing piano and the melody is great for me. For that motive I should just walk up to the pianist, set up the camera with a right composition and whole my video should be only with the pianist. But I decided for the second motive: O.k. - the same - the pianist is playing the piano, but not just she... I decided to capture the expressions in the faces of the people they were standing around her and watching and listening her. Then I framed that all into the picture of the busy international station which the place nearby the Eurostar departure really is and I wrapped it all to the frame ´the young pianist is playing in a hustle & bustle of the station and the people are just passing along´ .
So let´s go and take your camera or mobile and let you capture some great moment what is passing along you right now.... It is the best training for your photo&video skills! And enjoy your life full!


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