Where is the beginning and the end of your take?

LONDON - You can do only quick and simple take. If you want capture for example long queue of waiting people (in that case it was about the line in the front of Science museum in London - people they were waiting for late opening of museum) you can make a great training of a ´panoramic shot´. How you can do this? It is quite simply. Just start your take on the beginning or on the end of the line. Start your take without a move, just keep your camera without move on the place, you can count to three (one, two, three) and then continue - move your camera through the like and then stop it - but not recording -only move of camera - on some stable point - the end or the beginning of the queue ´, just keep it and count for three again and then you can stop recording. This is method how you can do it quite professional ´not shaking´ video and video ´with a concept´  - with beginning and end what marks good take. 


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