Which program you can use for editing your photos for free?

Before you start to consider which graphic software for editing your pictures do you need, take a time just to thinking over what you will do with that.


Are you not a professional (photographer, graphic designer)  
So how and why do you need to edit your pictures? Probably you use only a few tools - notably following ones:

Usually we need just a common tools which are: crop the picture to make a better composition (to cut off not necessary objects on your picture), adjust a brightness or make a photo sharper. Eventually you turn your picture from colours into Black & White.
This basic tools you can find in every photo editor which is usually already automatically integrated in your OS of your computer or laptop or in your mobile phone (or you can download free app for that). In case you take a picture by your mobile or tablet and you are going to download them on your social sites - Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, etc. - these sites usually have own basic photo editors and tools for these crucial corrections.


Are you  demanding one or would you like to get you on the professional level in photography?
There is one tip for free Photo Editor which works on the very high level. Its name is Gimp and is a free software for high quality photo manipulation and either for original artwork creation with lots of  graphic designer elements. Without exaggeration should be said it very similar like well known photo editor´s programs like Adobe Photoshop or Photo Zooner Studio and many more. Obviously you can get these paid programs as well - just keep in your mind - they usually offer 30-day free trial which is amazing to try out as well and decide it is the right tools for you or isn´t!

GIMP - there is a link where you can download and install this program for free:

Here you just need press the red button DOWNLOAD then you can install this program into your computer.

More tips for getting your photo or video on the upper level you can find HERE: janelina.com .