How to (not) make a selfie: Complex of professionals

Taking your picture - making selfie. Usually it is very easy thing. You only grab your mobile (most of people take a pictures of their mobile phone), looking at the screen of that quickly checking your outfit and expression on your face, then just smile or make the expression what you would like to have there and push the right ´button´ on your camera. That´ it and than you can download that immediately in a real time on your social site and share with other people where you are and what are you doing.
This is usual. But there are some pitfalls when you are an professional in photography or filming. Then you can feel - it is not enough. Of course. Do you know - it could be better (and better and better)... It was problem of me and Stephan. Instead just take a quick selfie by camera on mobile, we decided it is not the right way so we started to complicate that....
  1. We decided to use DSLR camera (but cos we usually use it for taking pictures of others not us, we have forged where the timer for selfie is - so cos we cannot manage it, we started to record a video - this video - with intent to create the pictures from this video in editing program in post production)
  2. The dark of darkness: o.k. - now the recording of video was running. But in that case we couldnot use the flash. And we needed that - cos some part of our faces plunges to darkness and created strange shadows. So Stephan run for a light on camera. Then it was gracious.
  3. Tripod - oh, of course! I forgot - cos we didn´t use just mobile holding in our hands, we needed a tripod for our camera. Stephan brought one from studio he is working (hope still working after our theatre with selfies).
  4. Then we couldnot decide how we will be sitting - we wanted be in the take with the screen of editing program - cos should be a ´promo selfie´ for Stephan´s film project. And then suddenly we two - ideally watching the screen and at the same time to show our faces full into the camera (o.k. it was not possible....)
  5. And the last one: At the moment when we were prepared for a final shot, Stephan marked - my earthphones are ´hitting the upper part of the frame´. So we had to zoom shot a bit.
My result:
Be honest - I think for our social sites should be the almost same result for taking selfie with mobile but the truth is the quality of this picture is a bit better. But the truth is  we are probably a bit snobbish in that. I don´t know which way is better. But I know one thing - if you have a time and you would like a great quality picture, then take a time and start to thinking and arrange a better selfie. But if you are short in time - just prefer the documentation purpose of the picture rater then just  ´don´t take a picture if couldnot be perfect´. Cos be honest... our picture looks like a ´not so much arranged picture as on the end of the day was´;-)


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