Basic Rules of making a VIDEO reportage for your social sites

There are some tips for you to making a short video or photo more interesting: 

After you chose main topic and scene of your video or pictures, then you can start.

  1. The begining and the end of your take: Before you start recording your video just quickly think of the the beginning and end of your take. Where you will start to filming (the building, entrance or something else? And what about then, obviously you can just stay and spot on one point and wait but usually your video need an action. So then you can start to move your camera. What we would like to see? Full scene? Or concentrate - make a zoom - on some person or group of people? And then... Where we are going to finish our take / video? Don`t finish your video just only without reson and specially in the middle of move. Not only move of your camera but also move of the object you are filming - people, animals, ... Just wait and leave them finish what they are doing. If you interrupt a move and action before finish that then your audience / viewers get lots of questions why happened with you to finishing a video so soon. People do like when can see a end (specially the happy end) and it is the same with a video / even it is only for social sites use.
  2. Takes make a scene and scenes make a film. Maybe it sounds strange for you that just only a simply video about person who is walking down the street or scene of the building where nothing special is going on - just people are coming in and out. But it does mean one take and step by step lots of takes make a scenes and then the whole film. If you would like to edit your video before you download that on the internet, then you have a more options and you can make a lots of takes and then stick them together. If do you have not this options just try to choose so much interesting actions and expressions in the people`s faces - cos these things make your video nice and interesting.
  3. Count down to 3! Always! Minimal! If you start your video, just keep it without moving for minimal three seconds, then move it - again minimal for three seconds and wrap up again minimal 3 seconds just for steady regime without moving on the interesting object. Your video will be more calming down, you provide your viewers lots of time to see everything without quick moving and flying camera. And at least if you will edit your video the standing moments on the begining or end of your takes give you a more space for clear cut. 
There are some similar rules for video and photography / and it is about a size of shots (medium shot, full shot, etc.) / you can find more in the next article the next Saturday! Our short series about photo and video - basic rules - will be continue... 


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