FREE Street Photo & Video creative storytelling workshop at London Bridge TODAY

Are you free today afternoon? Let join to us and be creative on the London Bridge - bank side! 
We will meet in the front of entrance the Tate Modern at 3.15 pm and then we will continue along the bank side to make a reportage video with artists . I will be wearing the red coat.
You need just take with you your mobile or camera (! fully charged!)
If you are really crazy about the taking pictures and making videos and you are free this afternoon you are welcome on our meetup!

Improve your self promo on the social sites! 
Just take your mobile or camera and we will take some basic lessons about the street photo and video and how you can make a short reportage for your social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) - just for you and your friends and even for your e-marketin and self promotion.  
We will make a short reportage between 3.15 and 4.00 pm and also we will be having a chat and me and the others attendant of our meetup will be happy to discuss your project or intention if you want. 
More about the project:   
You can also join to us Facebook Group: 


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