How a different angle of camera can change an atmosphere of your pictures and videos

The camera angles are the next tools how you can work with your pictures and scenes – and how you can change the atmosphere of them! There are some tips and tricks they are commonly used in films and photography:


This is standard camera angle. We can see the scenes from our point of view – it is a neutral one.


Bird eye – this is another name for high angle and it is named by ´Bird perspective´ of view. We use it in the situation when we need to put emphasis on smallness and sometimes even worthlessness of some person or animals. We really have to use this angle very rarely and wisely. If we want to take it pictures or make an interview with person who is sitting on the floor for example – like this woman – is better to go down with a camera as well – it looks more friendly for this person. But for film we sometimes need to use this view – for example if we want to show that this person does feel herself in depression or overwhelmed of the situation or some person, etc… Also we can use it for show the scene from the view who is not personalised – the view from ´the sky´ does mean also depersonalization of the problem and an ´objective view´.


This low angle is not so extreme (usually is taken by camera hold by to side your waist). In this situation works very friendly for the woman who is kneeling and searching the bag. This angle makes an interesting view not so much tinged with emotions like Extreme low angle or Bird angle.


This angle is usually used for giving a message ´this person is a hero´  or lieder of situation or person who does mean something more then the others. The person captured like that should be interpreted like a high and mighty, snobbish and also like in the case of ´bird angle´ depersonalization is also working here – but it is in a bit more negative meaning. It is very strong point of view and it has to be used very rarely and wisely for making right (tinged with emotions) moment.
 This picture tell a story or part of that that there is some filming and we can see …. with some information about film and in the longer distance of that we can see part of scene and one of the actors there. 
And what more about camera angles tricks you can find in the next article the next Saturday! Our short series about photo and video – basic rules – will be continue…