How to make a REPORTAGE to improve your photo and video

Stephan (on the right) is making an interview. Photo made by Noe

The best way how you can tell a story about an event or some situation is always REPORTAGE.
The REPORTAGE is always used by journalist for telling a news and story thoroughly – it is more personal then ordinary news and other journalist genres could be.
People usually think that is not easy to learn ´art of reportage´ and is really need to be qualified for that.
Of course – making a good reportage is not easy for beginners but if you will follow some easy, basic and logic rules then you can learn to make a professional looking reportage so quickly as you are willing and able to learn that.


You can write it, make a video or take a pictures – and actually if you are aspirating on radio journalist position, you can make also a sound reportage.

The following rules work in the case in both cases – if you are planning your video and you would like to edit that and even if your video is accidental (you decide to make a short quick video at the same time when you are walking down the street and you can see something interesting or funny what you would like to share).

THE MOST IMPORTANT POINTS to making a reportage: 

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