Is it or isn´t it a Bird angle? How to work with a different angles of the camera

Sometimes is everything about filming rules just a matter of the ´Point of view´. Let me show you some examples and tips:


Always it is about - who is the main actor in our shot - for example here... if will be on the left hand side standing actress, then it is about classical ´low angle´. We held the camera on the level of our waist. If is for us the main person on this picture the working cameraman, then our angle of camera is on the edge ´an eye angle´ with ´a bird angle´.


In this shot it is definitely about ´an extreme  low angle´ if we can aim on the actress and the people of crew. Then is quite on the edge for this working cameraman on the pictures (who is pointing with his hand to somewhere) - I think this is almost ´an extreme low angle´ for him as well but cos his head is almost on the same level as our camera lenses (only little bit higher) - then should be ´an eye level´ for him. BTW - if the main object in our take will be the legs and shoes of actress - then is definitely ´an eye level´ to them.

... or...

This is ´an eye level´ - for the cameraman on the picture and for the main object of the picture - food and shoes. Maybe should be confusing cos if we are so low - literary on the floor - with our camera then seems to be ´an extreme angle´ shot. But it is not - it should be if we just pick up lenses of the camera higher ´to the sun´ .
So how you can see - it is maybe lots of rules in camera work - and should be confusing.  So don´t worry and just rely on your intuition and creativity and then you can make an amazing picture all time!
And what more about OSS alias OVER THE SHOULDER camera position? More about the next angles´ tricks you can find in the next article the next Saturday! Our short series about photo and video – basic rules – will be continue… 


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