The mystery of the ´Over the Shoulder Shot´

Frequently used in films and TV series in the interview of two people. Indeed  – we speak about OSS which is short code for ´Over the Shoulder Shot´.
This shot is about we cannot see the person who ´someones´ is already talking to. We just can guess who is it. But only for a moment. Then the shot change its and we can see the other person. So why we use it? So should be said it is pretty nice compromise – when we need to have both people in one shot but concentrate just only on one of them. Obviously this shot of one person with a ´second – quite hidden person´is changes for the ´same shot´ – OSS but with the other person – previously hidden in OSS shot.
So just remember – in your screenplay the short code OSS does mean = We cannot see the second person, only part of it – usually ´the shoulder´ or piece of head, etc.
You can see that in your favourite film or TV series. Take small practice and notice them!

This is the classic one – one person is on shot with full faces – detail or (more usually) medium shot.

This should be OSS as well – but in this case it will be more about ´Over the Foot Shot´;-)

And this is Over the Shoulder shot – but used in contact person with some thing.

And what more about not usual or interesting camera position what can make your film amazing –  you can find in the next article the next Saturday! Our short series about photo and video – basic rules – will be continue… 


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