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Join to us for FREE video reportage workshop at Hyde Park Speaker´s corner this Sunday

Our last workshop was quite wild cos there were lots of emotions in the Hyde Park Speaker´s corner. But every day here is a different one. Our next reportage will be more quiet and funny. Join to us! :-)   Would you like to make a natural video for your YouTube Channel or other social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)? The best ´taking practice´ with your camera is just going out and look around yourself to looking for some small stories, interesting people you can interview. So this is also about our next - this Sunday - workshop - we are going to Hyde Park to Speaker´s corner - the famous place where everyone is approved to keep free speech. It is the place where the democracy have its roots. So don´t miss it! We will take a pictures, videos, having a chat with people speaking there or we can interview just the people walking across the park or ourselves for taking a practice! WHEN: April 9, 2017, from 4.00 PM (the end will be around 4.50 - 5.00 pm) Our meeting point:  Hyde

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