Please don´t call me if is raining. Only when is sunny I am on the line... Indeed, I am based in London :-)

Happily managed my fresh washed clothes on the lines at our back yard and started enjoy one day of sun without rain cos weather forecast about next days was being almost continuously raining about. Great idea but big mistake. One hour later while I was working on my laptop I marked a tinny persistent tinny drumming. For first moment I did think it was music from my neighbour - but huge mistake. Then I literally take off from my seat and was running at back yard where was heavily raining. When I collected all clothes from a line I could discovered it was more wet then one hour before.
Great day started...

I have already managed wet clothes inside across my room and started looking for a ringing mobile. And...  of course! It was covered of the last piece of clothes.
My sister started talk to me but I was able understand her less then every second word - so bad signal was here.
I moved in that lovely basement flat one and half month ago and was happy about that. My calculation was about - basement flat will be great for hot summer - it will be colder here... Indeed - it is... including these cold days :-). But the second problem is - the internet and signal for mobile is sometimes very weak there (´Sometimes´ does mean in this case ´almost always´).
When I finished my call with sister I went outside and met my Spanish neighbour started complain to him about that. (Always you can feel a bit better if you can share your wrong experience with someone else :-D ) He shrugged his hands: "Indeed, the guy who stayed there before you moved in complained many times for that. You have to go out of house if you would like to catch a better signal or lean out of your window..."
I grinned: "I have leaned out of my window, but the rain was so heavy that I got wet myself almost immediately..." He started laughing: "So then you have only one option - you have to tell to people directly: Hey, let you call me only if is sunny..."
I think I looked a bit terrified in that moment: "Here, in London?"

PS: Next day I could catch a three hours when rain was stopping for a while and I could finished a ´drying process´ with the biggest part of my laundry - bedclothes - which was problematic for getting dry inside. Some day should be terrible but the next time should be a better one. The most important thing is - just survive the worst ones. (I am finally smiling on the picture above surviving one of my ´not great days´) :-).


  1. I love the way you Blog just like you speak Janelina. I also love the way you speak, your English is so good and we never make allowances for you when we are chatting away. I regard as you as a true friend and always have such things to say about everyone. I understand your phone problem ... some of the rooms in my house have no signal. But it is not as bad as the hotel I used to stay in when I was in Cornwall ... the only way I could ring home was to dial the number and put my phone on top of the wardrobe and sit and talk into my Ipad. I still don't know how that worked but it did. I was worried one night when my friend did something her end and she was 'treated" to a short video call with me still wet from a shower. Yes she is still my friend but may be she sees me slightly differently now.

  2. Thank you for a nice words about my style of writing and English! You really amused me your story about making call from a hotel i Cornwall! :-D I am sure your friend appreciated you stand by her even in that ´after shower´ situation. ;-) And actually thank you for an advice, so I am gonna trying to search for a signal now more carefully - cos for first time I missed checking a top of the wardrobe actually...


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