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Taking a creative pictures of Ruth, model, actress

This week I have taken a couple of pictures of Ruth. She was really great model and actress. She changed expressions in her face in each shot and we got lots of variations of the character and mood what she want to present for casting agencies and producers. We chose a natural venue in the park and then also on the streets which I always prefer to taking natural pictures and videos. We also had a lots of fun and Ruth as a model was very relaxed and could concentrate on her role - be sad, be happy, be a thinker, be a naughty (she tried climbing the tries for a camera). I took almost 100 pictures of her at all so you can check it out just a few of them we picked up for her presentation. If you are also interested start your photo and video portfolio, please don´t hesitate and contact me to discus your needs and your creative ideas. E-mail: 

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