I survived the Black Friday but it was just a commence of the small hell for me

Fancy Christmas´ windows at Selfridges´.

Having no idea about Christmas tradition in United Kingdom and United States I hardly survived big shock when I could read e-mails coming to my mailbox from Amazon or E-bay and then I founded almost the same message in headlines of newspaper. ´The black Friday is coming!´ 

“Oh my Gosh! What happened the next one, bloody hell,” I wanted cry out in shock immediately when I read this news. My first thinking was linked to the famous ´Black Friday of September 24th in 1869 when became big stock market catastrophe (One of first of them). The stock market was sparked by gold speculators who attempted to corner the gold market. The attempt failed and the gold market collapsed and causing the stock market to plummet. But I have had no idea why already is remembering this case. So maybe the history has been repeated?!!! Oh no! What an absurd mistake in considering…

 I really have no idea the day (next Friday) after Thanksgiving in the US and UK is called ´Black Friday´ just because the Christmas shopping has been already starting, the retailers giving to their customers great deal, big discount, people starting Christmas shopping and the shops are coming to the ´black numbers´ - which means profit (the opposite of profit is lose and this is written by red).
This is something special for me – who hate shopping. I am going to the shops and shopping centre just in times where I can expect just a few people and then I am making my shopping quickly and I am keeping my in advance prepared shopping list. Honestly I a enjoying just an on-line shopping. There is more quiet. The opening times are almost constantly and nobody is pushing me and stressing me. And specially before Christmas. When the ´hell of shopping´ is on the way…
I finally stopped going to the places like an Oxford Street on Saturday (this is non-official shopping day – everybody are going shopping..) and lot of people are going to shopping there. Who know this street perfectly know what I mean. I like actually this street but not on Saturday when is full and overload with people whose are looking for a fancy, luxury or cheep things, clothers, etc. There is something for everyone – literally. Good examples should be Primark on ´one side of Oxford Street´ and ´Selfridges´ ´ on the other side of it. One friend of mine – she was in England like an au-pair this Summer. She made a trip to London with the mother of children whose she looked after. This girl attended Primark and bought some clothers there. But the ´mum of children ´was feeling a shame of that – cos actually they have some living level and they are NEVER buy in cheep and cheesy quality shops as Primark´ so for this case ´what about someone who know me – or our family – could meet us!!!´ was immediately going to the Zara (or H and M – I am not sure) and bought some small things (I think it was t-shirt or something like that) and asked for bag and then she gave this bag this girl and asked her when she can put inside the bags from Primark. And then they could continue in their shopping tour.
It was indeed funny story for me. What become to my mind after ´Black Friday shock explanation´. So I calmed down myself. And I am o.k. in that. But still I cannot believe that it is true. But this is not everything… Pay attention! Cos Green Monday is coming! Green Monday? It is something with an ecology, linked to Green Party or Easter or Christmas tree… No… it is again… about… shopping! So what should I say… Maybe…. Christmas shopping blessed!