“Stop be like Cinderella,” sharply warned me mother a day before my Birthday. “It is dangerous!” Kissing Cinderella

Picture by Disney Cinderella 2015
As a little girl I had an excellent auntie what I appreciated and admired very much. I wished to be like her one day. She was a sister of my grandfather from my father side. She was brave and kind. Her name was Cinderella.
She was always a pretty and clever lady with excellent manners and she founded her big love what was her husband the director of brewery and his surname was Cinders (translated from my language) so after their wedding nobody call her otherwise then Cinderella. She have had an amazing and very fitting name – in my language is Liba (translated to English does mean ´kissing´). So how you can see... my auntie.. ´Kissing Cinderella´ was very... full of inspiration! :-).
She looked after him and their children, was very active and passionate and has ´never gave up´ - positive approach to the life. After her husband death she continued with her work and started be independent accountant to earn money for travelling across the word just alone. She wore chick bonnets and always when she arrived from some far placed destination, including Egypt, India, South America, etc. came in to us and told us lot of amazing stories and her adventures. I liked her and I wanted be like her. My family is very conservative and she was absolutely opposite. She was really how it is wrote down in screenplay of fairytale fiction film Cinderella – she was really kind and brave. My mum is still suffering I has got her spirit. My mum is whole life living in the same town – and actually in the same street – living and working as well (she is an teacher and the school is next door of my parents house). She is worried about me lot of. I am sometimes travelling as well (and last time moved to the London...).
I have been having chat per skype yesterday – day before my Birthday – and she told me very scarried suddenly: “Oh! So this is very dangerous! You are really going to the dangerous country!” I was so surprised: “What mum... what do you mean...” Mum looked really very upset: “You want go to the Israel! But this is very dangerous! You can see the news now! There is not safe!!!” I couldnot get it. Cos I did not plane travelling to the Israel now. “No, mum... I am not travelling to the Israel...” Mum insisted on her: “Oh yes, I read it... have read it in your article...!” Oh yes... my mum was so proud of herself and started make an research on google and she started doing research on my! Myself! What! My mum is my stalker, detective or what! She founded my older articles and started read it (o.k. I did not tell her about them – cos I was worried that she will be scarried... and I was right...). So she discovered my article who I noticed that the journey to the Israel is waiting for me. “But I can not promiss that I wont go to the Israel, mum. I am able to promiss to you sure I am waiting for calm down situation. But do you know... one day I have to go there. It is not able to avoid that – otherwise I am not able finish my work about Holocaust (my long term project – I will write about that later).” Mum was scaried. She is really convinced that I am able to go to the dangerous countries – just cos making reportage, film, etc... It is my mistake. It took a long time – many years. Actually started it when I decided go to the Army for a short training for War correspondent journalist and humanitarian workers. And I did it. My mum unfortunately watched the reportage about our training and if she watched my totally exhausted in a military space (unfortunately it was a special training ´how to deal and try to alive kidnapping by the terrorist´ - very hard) – she started with this fear. I told her many times that the most important things what I reached in army was ´never come in to the dangerous situation´ - avoiding them is the basic thing for surviving... And I am keeping that. Recognize your /my borders and never underestimate the situation and never oversell myself. So now my mum thing I am like a my auntie Cinderella – not because she has happy marriage but cos she has encourage. But I dont know if I have got that... I am happy to did it – this training cos now I could better recognize the dangerous and avoid to that. And know that the people around us are very important for us... In war.. in piece... in love...
Love. This is what we all are looking for all our life. The most important thing of the life is to find the right person,” wrote me one friend of mine a few weeks ago. “What do you think about that?” Until now I have not answered to him. It was not the case of I did not know the right answer. The answer is truly very easy... It is just simply: “YES, it is!” I was just think that it is so obviously that it is not necessary speak or doubt about that. It was before Christmas and there was launched a new film – fairy tale – Cinderella. Old well known story what everybody know but still love it! Cos the story is really working. Actually I was not ready to see this story. I was a little bit disapointed about that. I said myself: “Oh... next Cinderella and from Disney... it will be really next one - very cheesy film about love... with tricks.... o.k. But for little girls... why not...”
But yesterday I watched a Czech internet TV – one program where very good and respected film critics are recommending and judging films. The Czech film critics are very strict – specially about Hollywood and Disney films as well. There were two men and one woman. The woman was very taft and rough – highly intelligent (was very happy about film Suffragette), not convenient nature and independent approach. She appreciated the films like The Revenant, etc. A moment before ending discussion when the men wanted cancelled that, she said: “Oh, wait – actually!” - “The Cinderella!” The men was having a look of her – if she is really not out off her mind. “The Cinderella?” repeated one of them. She nodded: “Indeed, Cinderella!” And then she quickly added: “Cos amazing costumes and scenery and film tricks!” The host amused nodded and took it. The program was finished and I just could remember her small hidden smile. Cos Cinderella. So I gone to the on-line TV and I started to watch Cinderella film – but with big scorn. But something magic.. or it was the magic words... be kind and brave... - what Cinderella´s mum and then fairy are talking about... I dont know... But I enjoyed it and I realized that the most important things are really here and always will bee here: We have to be really kind to other people and be brave and sometimes take a risk in life. And the biggest risk in the life is love. Be brave to say someone that you like/love him/her or start relationship with someone despite having a fear of hurting and not ending great... that one of you one day left each other or be passed away...
There is no guarantee for a life – sometimes we have to take a risk or just try to take a small piece of happiness what the life is offering to us.

So I could promiss my mum I am doing that! I am really lot of spirit of my auntie Cinderella – but I promiss to her I will be avoiding to dangerous situation when I will be able to recognize them. :-) Do you know... C´est la vie...:-)