This year does not exist for me: 2016 makes me ´time gap!´

Photo by Janelina
Every year I need a few days for accustomed to writing down new date - year. Sometimes I make lot of mistake and if I have to write down that cos I write right day and month but wrong year. But this year is really special and a little bit creepy or me.
Yesterday I have spoken with my mother and I wanted to say her what I will be doing in February and I just said that I will do it February 2th 2015. She did answer: “ I don´t think so... It has done..” My mum is very accurate in expression – as every teacher. So I wanted repair myself and I said: “Of course mum just it is not need to kidding me with that. Do you know very well I wanted say February 2th 2017!”
Mum started to laugh. I did not realized why. Then I recognized my mistake and I repaired myself again and I said AGAIN 2015 and then repair to 2017...
For some reason is my subconsciousness perhaps against this year - 2016. Maybe cos Monkey´s Chinese year is coming. It looks like ´monkey´s joke´.
So it seems to be living in a ´time gap´ for me this year... :-).
PS: Just short notice: I have already written the headline of this post and I automatically wrote 2017 instead 2016. So has done;-).