The best place for celebrating st. Valentine´s day is… Where your heart already is …

Petřín - the Czech  - Bohemia - Montmartre :-) Photo by wiki
Lot of people think the most romantic place all over the world is... Paris! Indeed. One half of story in Casablanca – great film with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogard – is talking and remembering about Paris. Another one - Something gotta give - with amazing Diane Keaton, Jack Nicolson and Keane Revers is about great wish ´spend Christmas in Paris´. Or what about Sex and the City – there is indeed one very important plot of this story filmed again... in Paris. And I could going on with counting films or other occasions about ´Romantic place = Paris´. What it was my great surprise when some people was starting to say to me they were in Prague (capital of the Czech Republic – my country – what is placed in the middle of Europe – exactly geographically and for this reason is called ´the heart of Europe´) and think that it is very romantic place and then some of them said exactly ´Oh, Prague is more romantic then Paris´. I couldnot believed. But I have had no comparison cos I have never been in Paris...  until last month.

Before I set off lot of people around me was talking to me about their experience there and warned me before disappointing. “Paris is like a Budapest,” said me my landlord who is coming from Hungary. “Prague is more romantic then Paris,” said me one friend of mine from Mexico who was in Prague and he was absolutely happy about that. “Eiffel tower is like a Petřín – our Czech lookout,” said me my mum, etc. It was really interesting – lot of people and lots of opinions.    
Petřín is a small copy of Eiffel tower. Photo by wiki
Indeed. Paris. I am sure in summer it is amazing place. But I was there in January. I think for us – people from Europe – Continent is really Paris nothing special – really it is very similar like Budapest… like Prague… Actually I felt myself here sometimes like in Vienna, sometimes like in Prague and sometimes… it is really strange… but like in Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary). Paris and its dominants are really very similar like in Prague… But Prague is smaller, what means very cosy and… I am very sorry… but for me… Is really the most romantic place on all over the world… Prague…
There is very nice place called Petřín – there are lots of parks and there is small copie of Eiffel tower – called Petřín. It is the most romantic place in my country.
While we are celebrating st. Valentine today in my country we celebrate 1st May like a festival of love. Everybody who are in love with someone are going to the park or nature and are kissing together under the flowering trees and reading poetry (our most famous poetry is small book called May from writer Karel Hynek Macha). In Prague is most famous place for that Petřin – place on the small montain – like Montmartre in Paris.
I was always so proud of Prague and everybody speak about Prague by nice way – and indeed – everybody who was once in Prague was falling in love with this place forever and ever – so magic Prague is. When I attended Mundo Lingo in Paris (Language exchange )  - new opened branch – walked up to me one South Korea girl. When she discovered I am from the Czech Republic, she took a breath and started to taking about Prague. Of course I expected nice storytelling as always so I asked her if she think it is romantic place - Prague. So she said: “Oh, it is.. but! I have to say to you something… When we have been with my friends in Prague we met some strange man on the street – he was wearing long coat and when we come close to him he opened this coat and he was naked under it…” In this moment everybody around me – including me – started to laugh immediately. Then I finished with asking everybody if they know Prague J
Casablanca: Ingrid Bergman with Humphrey Bogard.  Photo by Wiki
Then I was  back at Mundo Lingo in London one week later and I met two guys from Italy – I asked the first one what he think – what is the most romantic place on all over the world – if is Paris, Prague… or what… He hesitate for second and answered sheepishly his favourite place is his hometown. I asked him what – where is it. He said just: “Venice…”
J I capitulated. He was right. This is really more then Prague and Paris.:-)
The second guy was from the place in Sicilia – close to beautiful place called Taormina. I was there… It is like Montmartre or Petřín  - on the montain – connected with the city by cableway.
Montmartre is very nice place and Petřin as well but Taormina… there is nothing to compare… maybe cos in Sicily is lot of sun and sun is the thing what makes a light and make the people be happy… and tha´t it.  
Just I want to say… the most important thing what I got it in Paris is… the most romantic place on over the world is there where you are with someone you are in love or with your friends, family or people do you like them. Then is every place the best one!

By this post I just wanted to say everybody… Happy st. Valentine!:-)