How you can survive if do you have a temperature more then 42 degree of Celsius? Never give up !

I was sick.Not just one week but three last weeks. A few days I was better and then again I got worst and again and over again - in the circle.. I denied using antibiotics cos I wanted to recovery myself by natural way. Oh great! It has taken a long time but I was successful:). But one day, for one moment, I almost gave up all my efforts ´no antibiotics way´.
I took my thermometer to find out how hight my temperature is and I terribly screamed, cos... OMG! My temperature was 42 Degree of Celsius! Actually... more then that...

O.k. I was not in very good condition but SO BAD I didnot feel myself! I supposed just a little temperature around 37 but this one?!
I started investigation and tried to repeat this measuring but my thermometer was just on 42 and didn´t want to move its down. It was broken. O.k.. so my temperature is so hight that it broken the thermometer. I couldn´t hardly believe that.
I sat up on my bed and moved my laptop whose I used for watching films and little bit working as well cos some work is not waiting for you even you are ill. In the moment I touched my laptop I discovered how hot it is on the side and then It quickly came on my mind ´Oh! I have put the thermometer very close next my laptop....!
Of course my lovely readers! This was not MY temperature what the thermometer marked - it was my laptops´temperature! :-D So I can confirm that my laptop is having more then 42 Degree of Celsius when is running and working (with me or without me :-)
And me? I founded out great recipe for my Angina with honey, turmeric and black pepper and together with ginger and lemon I was very quickly healthy! (This medicine I wont apply to my laptop :-) ) . So never give up - never is nothing so bad how should looks like ;-)
BTW: I wish you a great spring!:-)