I am too short - the bar staff oversight me!

How you can see there is lot of fun at Mundo Lingo Language Exchange every Monday (Tuesday or Wednesday:-) ). This regularly guest of ML - Viet - tried speak German. He is cheerful Vietnam (but long time living in UK) guy who is sometimes depressed by Bar staff cos he is a little bit short in height. Last time he went to the bar to buy some drink. We continued in discussion and waiting for him. But he didn´t come back quite long time (longer then is usually in the British bars - which is really record cos English queues on the bar are really... what could I say... this is the British way - waiting and making queues everywhere for everything cos the British style is be very slow, no rush in any cases... dead slow really... I think when British people come to the Europe - specially to the Germany or my original country or to USA - obviously they should stay in shock probably :-). 
But last time I really like this ´sleepy living style here´ - more sleepy style exist I think only in Italia or Spain, etc. But here you could expect that and has it reason - hot weather, siesta, etc. But UK? Oh... maybe actually people are tired by Weather as well... :-)  ) . So when Viet reached the record in ´waiting in the queue at the bar´ and come back, he said just: "The bar staff did oversight  me cos I am too short and not enough tall to be seen behind the bar." And then he started to take some exercised in German :-) 
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Viet is really pride on his big, big UK flag :-)
(don´t be confused the Japanese flag :-) )