The Battle of Britain is going to its final part but without a winner

Remain or Leave Europe. Everybody cannot wait
for the light on the end of the tunnel.
London - Final decision after long months of debates and one big victim. If do you think that in case of ´Remain´ (UK in EU) will be everything o.k. again I have to strictly say definitely NO. No way. Britain is gonna be never the same one as was before the Referendum. Everything has changed forever. 

I wasn´t sleeping well this night. Despite of hit the sack earlier as usually I was waking up many times and hardly came back to sleep. Outside was raging storm and lightnings were crossing the sky unmercifully. It was quite unexpectedly for me after a couple of nice days and nights. But we are in Britain and there is Weather very specific and I should checked the Weather Forecast to knew that. This is like a Referendum. Today is Pooling Day and I know that and long time ago it was raging storm inside the UK - inside the Brits. But today... Morning was quiet... just continuous and heavy rain. The air was full of water and humidity was increasing perhaps in every single moment. In the tube was stifling. I couldn´t take my breath. But I have to say... it was not just about the air... Something more heavy has been in the air today (and still it is...). The big ´Hamlet´s decision´ about be or not to be (in EU)...

I tried many times wrote an article about my thinking about UK vs EU and about EU (but never completed that - cos there is so many consequences). How much changed in EU and how much changed EU itself. I am and I have always been big Europan and Panevropan. I like the Idea about united Europe. But last months I started to hesitate.. Big doubt about today´s stand of Europe, about the Bureaucracy from Brussels and if really is each of countries in EU takes seriously. But then I decided I will be thinking in my articles about that after the Referendum. There is the time for Brits to say what they think. But meanwhile the public debate was running and the people was starting the battle, I started thinking about the Europe and I decided that in every cases EU needs going to change. I don´t know if will be better and more strategic if UK can help to change EU from inside or makes its country independent and then have more influence to the EU (and some EU´s countries) from outside... Cos both options are possible. I am quite afraid - there are more countries in EU whose are tensely watching today´s Referendum and not just cos UK´s decision but cos UK is creating a precedent today for more dissatisfied EU´s countries.
Europe is facing big problems today and will be. Europe needs take a ´lessons´. So UK is right now giving this ´lesson´ to EU (to Brussels not to us - the People from EU). UK is one of biggest countries in EU and I hope that this could help to start the changing of EU.
But something makes me quite sad. And this is... The Referendum cased something like a ´The Battle of Britain´ but it is more... this is not the war against one enemy - this is something - like said one friend of mine... It is more like a ´British civil war´.  And I have to agree. What makes me a sad is that the long debates divided the British society to two parts and divided lots of friends. And more... couse to drive to people mad. Brexit or Bremain has his victim now - it is MP Jo Cox murdered by ´normal older man who likes working in his garden´... Me personally - I could be there when the Elections to the Parliament held a place here and obviously the last one... the communal elections... And always were big public debate here. But this.. what happened last months along the EU Referendum... it was nothing less then totally crazy nuts case.
So much emotions and there was lots of things was said and was appeared. Should be said the debate was running really to the midnight. Then the ´normal storm´ changed the ´Referendum storm´ and morning... today morning how I said everyone was quiet... nobody has nothing to said... it is Referendum day... So everyone just keep his or her everyday duties but ´something is in the air´.
One example what said everything what I think about: ´The Wright Stuff today was nice as usually but obviously - cos pooling day - there was no debate about Brexit. So Mathew Wright was talking with panellists and guest about lot of topics but nothing about the Referendum (just short mention that it is running, etc.) and then was the last topic about Vaping (Are you bothered by vaping in a public places, etc.) and Mathew asked one of the Panelists - Scott Capuro - something about vaping ( I couldnot remember exactly the question)  and Scott was asked him immediately ´do you mean Brexit about´? Everybody started to laugh - including me. I dont know how it was with everyone but in this case Scott expressed my stand of mind today.
This is why I really like the British nature - The big storm a long month ago but in pooling day is everyone decent and looks like ´nothing is going on´ but inside the society and inside each of them is the big storm or tense.
So I don´t know nothing about the results of tomorrow referendum, but I am just quite nervous cos not depend what will be the result - in every cases the part of the British society will be unhappy. Maybe cos thanks a lots new facts and debates we could really very carefully started to thinking about EU and the future of EU and UK. And how I said - there is lots of problems whose is EU facing and will be facing and UK will be as well - in or outside EU. Cos in every cases - UK is in Europe and will be forever.
I have no answer for this question... What will be better... Be or Not to be in EU for UK? I don´t know... I only know that I really like Britain and Brits (including the amazing Weather which makes copy of British mood and indeed it takes a part of Britain... and I like it!). And on the end of the day... I am probably going to give a one chance to EU. But I still... cannot say... if the chance is for EU + UK or for EU and + (independent) UK... I cannot decide... I just think that this ´Battle of Britain is going to have a no winner´...