Why seems to be an online shopping more creative then classical ´offline´ one? And where is ´the catch´?

Could be online shopping more inspirational then walking down the Oxford Street and enjoying hustle & bustle of the city during a real shopping? But what about the depressing crowds they don´t allow you move yourself for bloody one step without bumping into the someone other. On the other side of hand during online shopping you cannot use all your senses for trying out your favourite gift?

The truth is if we want to be a great and successful online shoppers (why not finally it is more convenient and time saving then normal shopping) we need to use more imagination cos we have to replace some of our ´five senses´ which have no chance to work with us by online shopping.
If we assess something we usually use our five senses. Sense of sigh to see how the goods looks like - shape, colour or overall impression of the item. With our sense of touch we can enjoy softness of lovely Teddy Bear, a fabric of new dress or bite a gold to try out is it truly gold. By online shopping we usually can use that.
So what about a sense of hearing by listening a music or promo video? It seems this sense is not very much reduced by online shopping. But which senses we really cannot replace sitting on laptop or touching our tablet is Sense of smell and sense of taste. These two we easily are not able to replace with something else... Oh, indeed - we can describe items for example ´the taste of this chicken recall us our childhood on the farm or our stay at the village in the middle of heath´. This perfume smells like rose in the fresh wind, etc.
The specialist on the online marketing discovered great methods how they are able perfectly replaced missing barriers what screen makes between our five Senses and goods. How I have already described that - just start to be quite literally descriptive and a bit poetic in making promotion for that.
They also use our ´senses memory´. Usually people they can see coffee on the picture or on the video can imagine and recall the typical smell of that. That´s the same with e.g. fruit - if you say ´citrus´ or ´orange´ - everybody know it is something connected with a ´fresh smell´ making us thinking ´about summertime´ or ´tropical paradise´... Something relaxing and full of adventures - not boring and stimulating our brain and inspiration. ´Coffee´ is connected to ´taking a rest and enjoying the full moment in our live´.
I really like online shopping when I can avoid the crowds and make my purchases even in the middle of the night. I really always engage all my senses and I regularly play little game with myself - trying to imagine how the goods great presented on the picture and video with amazing text messages (description of goods) - is close to the truth and which catch could these goods in the real have to avoid myself to disappointment. So I usually prefer this way of shopping if is possible.
But sometimes I am quit fed up of sitting in the front of the laptop and they I set up out and then I have been surprised discovering - despite of having everything bought for my household, all food and Christmas gifts - just happy to pressed in the crowd just watch amazing sparkling Christmas street decoration and for unexplained reason feeling raising taste to shopping right now on the street!